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Political Science
POLS 2250
Tim Mau

March 25, 2013 – POLS 2250 HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT “HE IS THAT MOST DESPISED OF HUMAN CREATURES. HIS ACTIVITIES HAVE BROUGHT DOWN UPON HIS SHOULDERS THE SCORN AND OUTRAGE OF HISTORY‟S MULTITUDE. HE IS HOMO BUREAUCRATUS; THE BUREAUCRAT. HE IS THE PAPER-PUSHER OF THE WORLD…HE HAS BEEN COMPARED TO THE COCKROACH. LIKE THE COCKROACH, HE APPEARS TO HAVE NO USEFUL FUNCTION. LIKE THE COCKROACH, HE HAS MANY ENEMIES. LIKE THE COCKROACH, HE HAS SURVIVED ALL ATTEMPTS AT EXTINCTION.” DONALD BRITTAIN, NATIONAL FILM BOARD DOCUMENTARY (1979) HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT  PUBLIC SECTOR EMPLOYMENT IS ENORMOUS o 2009 – 3.5 MILLION PEOPLE  FEDERAL, PROVINCIAL & MUNICIPAL SERVICES; HEALTH & SOCIAL SERVICES; EDUCATION; CROWN CORPORATIONS  FEDERAL GOVERNMENT – 415,000 IN 2009, INCLUDING RESERVISTS AND MILITARY PERSONNEL  HRM CHALLENGE – RECRUIT THE BEST AND THE BRIGHTEST IN THE FACE OF SIGNIFICANT PRESSURES  AGING WORKFORCE – average age of public service in 1983- 39.2 years old – 2007, 44.3 and 2011, 44.1 --- senior ranks, average age is higher 50 years of age and average age of deputy minister is 56 years of age  PRIVATE SECTOR COMPETITION  BLURRING OF PUBLIC & PRIVATE  BUDGETARY PRESSURES – human resource costs, benefits costs, pressure to contract and cut back on public servants  NEGATIVE PERCEPTIONS – for a long period of time, it was not perceived for a good place to work – not deemed to be a good career choice parents would like for their children.  CHANGING NOTION OF „CAREER SERVICE‟ – entering in at young age right out of education and spending entire year is a thing of the past – March 25, 2013 – POLS 2250 people going in at later stage in life – returning at different stage in career at a higher level HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT  RECOGNITION OF NEED TO ADDRESS & REVERSE TREND OF THE 1980s & 1990s  MULRONEY – „PINK SLIPS AND RUNNING SHOES‟ – beware, I‟m not going to tolerate inefficiency in the public bureaucracy and people are going to start losing their jobs  65,000 FEWER PUBLIC SERVANTS IN 1986 THAN IN 1977  CHRETIEN – PROGRAM REVIEW – MASSIVE DOWNSIZING (50,000 JOBS) – program review exercise, six fold test was opted and employed and went against all public sector programs to see if they were acquired and valued by the federal gov‟t  HISTORIC LOW BY 1999 – CREATED WORKLOAD & MORALE ISSUES – if you see people to the left and right of you no longer working in the public service, would have had expectation that that individual would be replaced
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