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Lecture 25

POLS 2250 Lecture 25: lecture 25

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Political Science
POLS 2250
Tim Mau

POLS2250 Public Administration and Governance 03202017 Lecture 25 Federal Accountability Act, 2006 A number of key components o Conflict of interest o Limits on political donations o Toughen Lobbyist Registration Act o Make qualified government appointments o Strengthen internal audit capacity o Implement accounting officers o Created Parliamentary Budget Office o Strengthen Auditor Generals powers Traditional Public Sector Values Efficiency and effectiveness o Historically the dominant value has been efficiency o 3 Es Economy acquire goods and services at best price Effectiveness the extent to which objectives are realized Efficiency expend resources in most profitable or sensible manner Responsiveness respond to the needs and demands of political institutions and public Representativeness public service reflects gender, ethnic, religious and socioeconomic groups Fairness and equity decisions must be fair in substance and procedure Integrity ethics in public administration; preserve public trust and confidence New Public Service Values Innovation Service Teamwork Quality Leadership Openness Creativity Trust
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