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Lecture 31

POLS 2250 Lecture 31: lecture 31

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Political Science
POLS 2250
Tim Mau

POLS2250 Public Administration and Governance 04032017 Lecture 31 Concept of Merit Merit principle foundation of our public service o 2 components Fitness for the job Reasonable opportunity for citizens to be considered Merit system o Policies, procedures and regulations for implementing merit principle o Public Service Commission must juggle merit with other considerations, including language ability, representativeness Public Service Modernization Act, 2003 Merit defined in law for the first time No longer have to hire the best candidate for the position Meet essential qualifications for the job as determined by the DM and any additional qualifications deemed appropriate (asset qualifications) Training and Development Canadian Centre for Management Development (CCMD), 1989 o Designed to build intellectual capital, learning and leadership in the context of the public sector PS 2000 human resources as the most important asset in government o Concern about addressing underrepresentation of women and minorities Specialized programs Management Trainee Program (MTP) Accelerated Economists Trainee Program (AETP) La Releve one of the initiatives the government undertook to try to deal with some of the morale issues in the context of the public sector The Leadership Network Employer of Choice Rhetoric from the private sector introduced into the public sector Need to brand government (public sector) as an employer of choice that provides challenging work, progressive human resource policies, and opportunities for promotion and career development Involves new design of organizational culture Engendering cultural change is perhaps one of the greatest challenges for leaders Numerous benefits increased productivity, reduced employee turnover Critical role of leadership o Political leadership Neglectapathy with respect to human resource issues under liberals Harper government Advisory committee of the public service (2006) Supportive rhetoric from the PM Throne speeches public service as a key or critical national institution
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