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Lecture 21

POLS 2250 Lecture 21: lecture 21

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University of Guelph
Political Science
POLS 2250
Tim Mau

POLS2250 Public Administration and Governance 03082017 Lecture 21 Future Trends in Public Administration New public management oxymoron o Fadfashion that no longer has relevance? o Continues to hold sway amongst practitioners and academics Time to move beyond NPM? o Many positive outcomes for public administration, but also new problems that have emerged o Recurring need for public sector reform New Public Service Janet Robert Denhardt Government should not be run like a business, it should be run like a democracy New movement in public administration new public service o Contrasted with the old public administration and NPM o Citizens and public officials working together to define and address common problems o Focus on public interest, democratic governance, renewed civic engagement Normative model New Public Service Key Principles Serve citizens, not customers (creates much more individualistic relationship) Seek the public interest Value citizenship over entrepreneurship Think strategically, act democratically Recognize that accountability is not simple Serve rather than steer Value people, not just productivity In NPM concern for democratic citizenship and public interest not fully lost, but subordinated o NPS never really caught on though, never fully replaced NPM Governance Centreleft government attempts to improve NPM (NPM typically associated with rightcentre) An alternative approach combining market mechanisms with a focus on civil society and welfare state 3 central themes o Modernization of public services beyond NPM o Relationship of governments at different levels o Centreleft focus Characteristics of governance o Involves broader set of policy instruments Less formal power, more persuasion, communication, and monitoring for best practice o Blurring of boundaries between public, private and voluntary sectors o Several levels of government and mutual power dependence Supranational institutions of EU o Holistic approach joinedup government Renewed emphasis on central coordination
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