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January 13 Lecture Notes

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Political Science
POLS 2250
Cindy Clarke

Anderson ComsocAffair Key details -P3 b/n Ontario ministry of community & social services (COMSOC) & Anderson consulting -common purpose procurement policy governs use of partnerships aim to ensure better and more creative solutions only supposed to be used when ministry is short on skills and resources 1995 – issued rep to overhaul family benefits and general welfare assistance programs aim was to replace computer systems to develop province-wide delivery systems and new business process jan 1997- entered into 4 year agreement withAnderson consulting cost pool & benefits pool anderosn -79% of costs: 82% of benefits by end of 2000 agreements: no benefits until exceeded costs, yet Anderson paid it anyways many of benefits attributed to an earlier initiavtive spirally costs- andersons labour costs exceeded those outlined in rep by an average of 63% Expenses- paid out with proper documentation PUBLICADMINISTRAION ISSUES -power differences between public and private sectors if lack skills money or time can it be an equal partnership tension in terms of democratic accountability efficient oversight government as subordinate partner public interest vs profit administrative control & accountability remain important provincial auditor and public accounts committee PUBLIC SECTOR VALUES & ETHICS NPM MOVEMENT – RESULTED IN SIGNIFICANT TRANSFORMATION IN PUBLIC SECTOR VALUES VALUES – “ENDURING BELIEFS THAT INFLUENCE OURATTITUDES,ACTIONS AND THE CHOICES WE MAKE” ETHICS – SUB-SET OF PUBLIC SERVICE VALUES: “ENDURING BELIEFS THAT INFLUENCE OUR ATTITUDES ANDACTIONS AS TO WHAT IS RIGHTAND WRONG” TRADITIONALVALUES NEUTRALITY – POLITICAL NEUTRALITY (NONPARTISANSHIP) VS. VALUE NEUTRALITY POLITICS-ADMINISTRATION DICHOTOMY APPOINTMENTS POLITICALACTIVITY 1918-1967 (NONE) PUBLIC SERVICE EMPLOYMENTACT, 1967 1991 SUPREME COURT RULING PUBLIC COMMENT ANONYMITY PERMANENCE OF OFFICE ACCOUNTABILITY (FOR PROCESS) – HOLD PUBLIC SERVANTS ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR ACTIONS 3 LEVELS 1) PUBLIC & ELECTED GOVERNMENT; 2) INDIVIDUAL DEPARTMENT & ITS HEAD, THE DM; 3) WITHIN DEPARTMENT TIMOTHY PLUMPTRE – 4 ELEMENTS ASSIGN RESPONSIBILITY REPORT BACK ON RESPONSIBILITY MO
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