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WHAT IS PUBLIC ADMINISTRATIONPUBLIC ADMINISTRATIONy 1 A FIELD OF PRACTICE OCCUPATIONPeople who working the bureaucracyy 2 FIELD OF STUDY DISCIPLINEThe study of how it is structured and organizedyPUBLIC BUREAUCRACYSYSTEM OF AUTHORITY PEOPLE OFFICES AND METHODS THAT yGOVERNMENT USES TO ACHIEVE ITS OBJECTIVESWOODROW WILSON 1887FIRST TO ARTICULATE THE NEED FOR A SCIENCE OF ADMINISTRATION y At the time the welfare state did not exist government was much simpler and less yinvolved this system is the suggestion of integrating market based principles into governmentBelieved the administration was needed no matter the type of state in poweryADMINISTRATIVE STUDY REQUIRED FOR 2 REASONSyDISCOVER WHAT GOVERNMENTS CAN PROPERLY DOwhat should the ystate be providing to its citizens currency to social assistanceDETERMINE HOW THEY CAN DO THESE PROPER THINGS WITH THE UTMOST yEFFICIENCY AND LEAST POSSIBLE COSTthis is done once the above is decidedStill trying to understand thesetwo questions in current studies of public administration yand politicsNPM is an example of an attempt to answer these questions and draw back government yinvolvement PUBLIC VS PRIVATE ADMINISTRATION SIMILARITIESPOSDCORBFunctions of a manager public or private sectoryPlanningyOrganizingyStaffingyDirectingyCoordinatingyReportingyBudgetingy DIFFERENCESPUBLIC GOODSINTEREST VS PROFITBOTTOM LINE y Objectives are differentoverriding interests y
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