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Political Science
POLS 2250
Tim Mau

POLS 2250Public AdministrationLecture 1January 13 12 What is public administration 1 Field of Practice occupation 2 Field of Study discipline Public Bureaucracy system of authority people offices and methods that government uses to achieve its objectives Woodrow Wilson former president of the United States 1887 first to articulate the need for a science of administration The Study of Administration Administrative study required for 1 Discover what governments can properly do 2 Discover how they can do these proper things with the utmost efficiency and least possible cost we still today almost always ask the same questions study of public administration has not changed Neoliberalism believes state is too involved in peoples livesWoodrows Claims talked about reasoning for lack of attention to administration things were more simplistic at end of 19th century political thinkers were devoting attention to the constitutions rather than administrative matters as government grew developments were needed government business could be made more business like well functioning administrating systems could all provide valuable lessons Public VS Private Administration Similarities POSDCORB Planning Organizing Staffing Directing Coordinating Reporting Budgeting Differences 1 Public goods Interest Vs Profit Bottom Line in public sector public interest has to be pursued2 Public Administration less efficient a no profit motivation have no interest or need to be more efficient in delivery of public services b provisions of unprofitable services c political considerations i Elections when are elections held ii Duration length of service varies depending on positionMuch more difficult for deputy minister to engage in long term planning with such a short time in their positionCEOs are there longer and have more time to plan in private sector iii Cabinet Solidarity involves consultation and this takes timePrivate sector can make decisions faster without consultation with Cabinet but rather with their colleagues iv Ministerial Interference can impact the efficiency of department v Need for Consistency in Program Delivery being rewarded for loyal patronage in private sector where everyone is treated equally in the public sector vi Need to Protect Minister public servants are less willing to innovate and take risks in order to protect the Minister vii Reelection viii Neutrality our public servants will loyally and faithfully administer the programs in office no matter what ideology or party is behind the programPolitical considerations do not come into play 3 Accountability to clerk of Privy Council minister or Prime Minister 4 HR constraints harder to get fired in public sector than in private sector 5 Media Scrutiny carried out in public eye journalists always try to find problems corruption or waste occurring 6 Persuasion and Direction have to seek to mediate decision and response to wide range of pressuresPublic service has to hand all public and interest group concernsLecture 2January 13 12 Role of Government 1 Owner and Producer EG LCBO CBC Via Rail TVO Canada PostLCBO is generating over a billion and a half profits in Ontario 2 Regulator and SupervisorEG CFIA Canadian Dairy Commission CRTC Canadian Air Transport Security Authority3 Income Redistributor EG Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency HRSDC Industry CanadaFarmers get subsidies from governmentsPublic interests funded by the governmentGov programs is a source of income ie Medicare Through the means of welfare ie pensions for blind and deaf people programs to increase education step in and provide trading programs and reintegrate into the market unemployment insurance etc 4 ProtectorEG Department of Justice Solicitor General Department of National Defense Bank of Canada Environment Canada RCMP CSIS 5 Champion of other objectivesOffice of the commissioner of official languages Canadian heritage Status of Women Canada Intergovernmental AffairsSize and Growth of Government Difficult to accurately define the size and the scope of governmentRole of the tax systemGovernment LoansQuasiPublic Organizationsmask the true size of governmentLecture 3January 16 12 Difficult to acquire to accurately define the size and scope of governmentRole of the tax systemGovernment loansQuasipublic organizations Examine government expenditures asof the GDP Growth of public sector employment Rise of neoliberalismneoconservatism and the contractions of the size of the stateExplanations for the growth of government 1War and military expendituresStates will increase in size during war Number of hot spots around the world USCanadas debt isnt as bad as USCanada felt this growth after both WW 2Social conscienceentitlementSociety has been unwilling to tolerate disparities between members of societyWe provide support and assistance to those in need Spendingdirect expenditures EI welfareAs people get older they do not pay income tax so its up to the younger people they consume more public health care dollars 3Technological changeHighly skilled people postsecondary educationInsuring Canadians have access to education and trainingChanging technology places greater demands on public goods 4Population growth and urbanizationRural environmentIncrease of a number people leaving farms and living in the urban environment 5Keynesian TheoryGovernment did not save in times of prosperity6Government expenditure growth theories Wagners Law Adolph WagnerDisplacement Effect PeacockWiseman It occurs because of War that needs an increase in public expenditures Did not happen in Canada 7Political ProcessPOGO phenomenonthe citizens are the problem because GOV has grown
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