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Political Science
POLS 2300
Robert Lewis

Video Notes Elijah Harper member of the Manitoba legislature protested against the meech lake accord because first nation people were not recognized in the treaty Manitoba and Newfoundland werent on board new premierTo bring Quebec into the constitutional family PreMeech Lake Accord 19841987Newly elected federal Progressive Conservative government led by Brian MulroneyFive constitutional amendments proposed by Quebec Premier Robert Bourassa 5 proposed amendments Quebec Recognition of Quebec as a distinct society most controversial elements no area of the country should be more distinct then others apply compact theory to both sides of this argumentif we really see Canada as agreement btwn French Canadians and English Canadians if we see Canada as provinces then why would Quebec become separateA greater provincial role in immigrationA provincial role in appointments to the Supreme Court of CanadaLimitations on the federal spending powerA veto for Quebec on constitutional amendments Federal government and premiers agree on amendments and reach political agreement on senate reform Little dissent in parliament Since major constitutional revisionsalso needs approval of all ten provinces Failure of Meech Lake AccordManitoba and Newfoundland failed to pass accord by resolution deadline of June 23 1990
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