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POLS 2300
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Chapter 3 The Social and Economic Setting y Canadians tend to be more compassionate tolerance and prosperityin comparison to the States who tend to be seen as a powerhouse lacking these fundamentals or are out shined by Canada y Canadian society and the economy are closely associated with values which are material wellbeing equality quality of life and independencethese represent public purposes that the govts keep safe and promote also political controversies are generally about these subject areasestablish boundaries to political life y 4 important areas material wellbeing equality poverty quality of life thy Material wellbeing Canada was once seen as one of the largest purchasing powers but have now has fallen to 16 but remain relatively wealthy y Purchasing power parties see figure 31countries that spend the most money per capita y Compared to extreme poverty countries Canadas poverty problem appears to be extremely insignificantgovernment problems are influenced by societies material conditions y Characteristics of a national economy include sectoral and regional distribution of economic activitylevel and distribution of employment trade with the rest of the world characteristics of labour forceCanadas employment recorddone fairly wellpretty much the average 612 most people in the service industry y new fear Outsourcing highly educated jobs are moving to foreign countries computer programming Indiahigh job creation rate y Debate over the importance of economy of service vs manufacturing more jobs today require education and expertise yMaterial Well Being Canada is relatively rich EmploymentInternational Economic Standingrelatively okay surplus situation Manufacturing Industrydecline of the manufacturing industryy Equality Class IncomePovertyVertical MosaicCorporate Elitey Class Canada has significant class divisions but lack a strong consciousness of class and class conflict more recently people have second guessed the equality in Canadamore charges have been laid certain laws and institutions in some cases perpetuated inequalitylarge middle class y Ideas of remaining equal as a middle class are promoted by the liberal ideologyseems to be a growing distance between the rich and
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