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Chapter 8- Machinery of Government Part II.docx

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Political Science
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J Lewis

Machinery of Government Part II Central Agencies nd Prime Ministers Office2 floor of centre blocklots of people in itPrivy Council Officeresearch about provfederal relations Treasury Boardinternally dept budgets Department of Financelooks more broadly to the economy in general Bureaucracy OrganizedEfficient Hierarchical Minimize arbitrary decisionmaking Nonelectedworking in ministry buildings for thegovtsPolicy development Policy implementation Merit baseddifferent codespass through different stages and scalesClerk of the Privy CouncilDeputy minister to the prime ministervery highly respectedpowerful Head of the Public Service of Canada Provide nonpartisan no ties to the partydoes not matter what party they are from advice to the prime minister and cabinetsometimes there sometimes notWayne WoutersCanadian Bureaucracy Departments fedsenviro Canada financeCrown Agencies Advisory Bodies Crown Corporations Bank
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