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University of Guelph
Political Science
POLS 3000
Ian Spears

POLS 3000 October 24 2013 Politics of Africa A moral economy of corruption - A ‘moral economy’ is one that is good, fair and just. It speaks to the idea that the money you pay for something is, for example fair and reasonable rather than a strictly free market price. Something that is fair and reasonable to you can be rationalized by the participants. - Corruption is bad but it is legitimatized because those who say is bad are participants of it and it is a means of survival: a coping mechanism. Olivier de Sardan’s Logics - The logic of the gift giving - The logics of the solidarity network o Facilitate cooperation in future - The logic of predatory authority o If you have a certain authority you may have the right to extract things (expect gifts) but also required to give something back? o The state may not pay people with authority very much or at all Perspectives on democracy in Africa 1) Democracy is possible and is good for peace and development a. One party systems did not work and thus democracy can take root 2) Democracy may be a good but it is unlikely to be achieved a. Obama said it isn’t good enough to sprinkle an election here and there i. Not just the elections but what goes on between elections b. When there have been elections it is sometimes pointed out, that African leaders, have been adept to manipulate political processes for their advantages. c. This is despite the optimism by people like Obama 3) Democracy is a western conspiracy a. At least in terms of how westerns conceive it b. The way westerns perceive democracy should not have any place in Africa? i. Is there a specific form that democracy can take in Africa? ii. Universalize what westerners already practice c. A different form of democracy? d. Is it possible that western style democracy is a conspiracy? To undermine African sates Element of democratic rule 1) Elections a. Hopefully have a responsible and democratic government b. The test of democratic rule is whether there is an alternation of power c. Has an electio
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