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Political Science
POLS 3000
Ian Spears

October 1, 2013 POLS 3000 POLS 3000 October 1 2013, Sierra Leone & Liberia ***Preventing Plagiarism Pilot Study in CSAHS*** October 15 Multiple choice midterm (50 multiple choice questions) Africa and the influence of recaptured slaves What happens when Africans who have been liberated from slavery are returned to Africa? “The captives were all absolutely African in their origins and yet they were divided from Africa by an acute experience of alienation. Africa had sent them into slavery. Europe, but especially Britain had rescued and set them free. Davidson’s question: Converted to Christianity by the campaigning missionaries of the nineteenth century, the liberated victims naturally looked to Britain as the shrine of salvation”. (Davidson, pp. 25-26) - They were pro-colonial. Saw Europe as a place of enlightenment and because Africans sent them into slavery therefore they saw Africa as savage. Why did the modern look better? - To be an African in favour of having African ruling themselves was to risk empowering those who had sold them into slavery. o A good examination of colonial era because it takes a twist in European ways. Africans are questioning African ways. o Those Africans (ex- slaves) were the strongest advocates for European ways. Western educated African elite  Because they were educated in the west they see themselves as elite and see Africa as teaching them nothing.  No way of organizing the continent  See it as in order to become civilized you can no longer be African  Non of it worked out they way the elite expected it to work out  Even if this so called enlightened elite won the struggle against their traditional brothers and sisters colonialism wipes out any progress that might have been made Davidson continued - “In retrospect” says Davidson, “The whole great European project in Africa… taught that nothing useful could develop without denying Africa’s past, without a ruthless severing from Africa’s roots and a slavish acceptance of models drawn from entirely different histories.” (page 42, italics added) Davidson critical of colonialism “wipes out anything indigenous” - Can’t use anything that is African - Part of Africa’s tragedy: African leaders turned their backs on their own history and embraced what they believed to be modern if it was foreign o Davidson sees it as a mistake 1 October 1, 2013 POLS 3000  If Africa would have been able to stay true to itself he argues it would have probably been in a better position right now Questions - Was the nation- state forced on Africa? o Jeffery Herbst goes in some length to explain why African leaders did
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