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Ian Spears

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POLS 3000 November 21 2013 POLS 3000 November 21, 2013 Politics of Africa Economics and Politics in Africa The way different African leaders adjust to different economical problems Steven Louis: structural adjustment is making poor African states suffer: ordinary African suffers the most Kaplan: says talks about politics of evasions: African leaders evade them 1) Resist 2) Accept 3) Formally accept but manipulate The Politics of Evasion 1) Take advantage of vague wording and loopholes 2) Use it to political benefit: pass on the pain to others too weak to matter 3) Take advantage of the opportunities provided by privatization to reward friends 4) Take advantage of structural adjustment to curry favour with donors - Donors would look another way for things such as democratization - Agree to structural adjustment (loan) and donors would look another way at multi party elections Perspectives on Political Economy 1) In the LIBERAL perspective, it is the leaders who manipulate the system tot their advantage. The international system may be challenging but is otherwise benign a. Kaplan would say: these states need reform and accountability: end corrupting: structural adjustment is meant to do b. Kaplan is a liberal (look up his name more) c. Doesn’t deny that conditions are onerous in these structural loans adjustments d. His focus on the leader it is them that manipulate the system i. Manipulate conditionality to their benefit ii. Liberals saying issues are internal 2) In the CRITICAL perspective, is the external powers who are evil and who do so much damage to otherwise vulnerable and weak African countries a. International community that is responsible: they are the bad guys i. Ideologues of the west and attachment to neoliberal ideology causes all the pain in Africa 1 POLS 3000 November 21 2013 Nigeria as a “Nation”? (November 21 2013) - Nigeria is not a nation. It is a mere geographical expression. There are no ‘Nigerians’ in the same sense as there are “English”, “Welsh”, or “French”. The word Nigerian is eerily a distinctive appellation to distinguish those who live within the boundaries of Nigeria and those who do not”- Obafemi Awolowo The ‘Biafran” War, 1967- 1970 - From 1
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