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Lecture 9

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Political Science
POLS 3000
Ian Spears

3000 Lecture 9 October 8Mid TermMapnot muchall readings up until goldsmithmust know authors namesargumentstfEthnicityIdentity in AfricaKatherine Newberry not sure if herCorporatization of identitythat is it doesnt matter what actually is People just assume the arent able t see differentiation You look for how people will behave based on how they lookHamitic MythHamitesare TutsiHamiets migrated to Rwanda from somewhere from the North Maybe christian EthiopiaHamitic Myth was applies to any region in africa where there appeared to be evidence of organized state life Assumption was these hamites came from somewhere else and when arrived in great lakes region brought w them technological and organizational knowhow and this is what allowed them to dominate the region So they are foreigners came from somewhere else ethiopia yemen and they come to dominate the people This theory was brought by Europeans Plays into racism saying that the ppl who are FROM africa are not able to care for them selvesthey come and see there is an organized political life and they think well africans couldnt of done this no waysomeone must have came and showed them how So Europeans thought that Hamite tutsi were superior race to africansso they colonizers used the tutsi to facilitate their ruleOne thing they did was issue identity cards
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