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Lecture 4

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Political Science
POLS 3130
Dennis Baker

Categories of lawTribunals mini courts legislative courts They come up with a decision without having to take it to the courtIf an agency is part of something that happened then it probably comes under the category of administrative law The only criminal offenses are those that are statuary in Criminal code of CanadaDefenses do not need to be statutory they can be anything you want You can use any defense as long as it fits the situation The judge has to agree with it In Civil law the defense also has to be statutorySCENARIOS SLIDE 1 Provincial common law tortlaw 2 Criminal common law federal level 3 Civil contract and provincial 4 Administrative law provincial and common 5 Common law federal criminal 6 Contract law common and provincial 7 Administrative law common and federal UNIT 2Three types of jurisdiction refer the textbook Territorialhierarchal subject matterPage 32 box 21 Structure of Canadian JudiciarySection 92 courts provincial courts o Created administered
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