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University of Guelph
Political Science
POLS 3130
Dennis Baker

Public Dimensions of Private LawSkwarok v Werbenuk Estate 2010 o A father died and his money has to be distributed He has three daughters and one son In his will the father stated that the son gets everything and the daughters get nothing In court it turns out that the person who died was extremely sexist He gave all the importance to his son and degraded his daughters at every opportunity he gets In his will the old man mentioned that since the son had looked after him the longest he should deserve the money He said that the first and second daughters already got some money when the old man was alive The third daughter didnt want to do anything with him so she was out automatically The daughters then challenged the will in the court It was his money not the governments so why should the government get involved There is also a statue that says that you have to provide for your child till the child is old enough to be independent and does not have to depend on the state In BC there is a statutory law regarding will The judge said that the old man did not act in the societys standards and values and therefore his will does not count as he stated Therefore the assets were divided four ways and the amount of money the girls received earlier was subtracted Was this fair Categories of LawCategories of Private law o Tort an actionable wrong committed against the person
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