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Political Science
POLS 3130
Dennis Baker

Left over from the previous lectureFederal government did not have control over trade and commerce inside the province however they did have control over it when it was between different provinces GO ONLINE AND READ POLICIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES REGARDING FEDERAL AND PROVINCIAL GOVERNMENTLECTURE 2Politics is bound by lawthe rules of laws trump the rules of meno Primacy of legal norms Constitutional law statutory law and common lawthis is the ranking from the highest to the lowest So if judge makes a decision it can be ruled over by statutory law and if the constitution doesnt agree with the statutory law then constitution can trump it and judges also partly control the constitution o Constitutional supremacy Read constitution Legal rules can be inhibiting argumentstoppers must be careful about lawpolitics interfaceBut law is shaped by politics o For example statutory law it is politically bound in terms of who controls and who trumps it o Politics of judicial appointmentssomeone has to appoint the judges which also can be a political process o Judicial decisionmaking can be politicalJudges are human beings have their own different backgrounds which can therefore eff
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