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Political Science
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Dennis Baker

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Canadian government is o Democratic Ruled by the people We vote on things Votes determine the outcome We do not have true entire democracy in Canada Majority does not always rule ie minority rights o Liberal Postliberal Liberalindividual freedom is prioritized It is however not entirely what Canadian government is ie we have group rights such as aboriginal rights o RepresentativeCore commitment is to selfgovernment a stake in ruing oneself we should in one way or another conceives ourselves in a ruler position o But what does that mean Who is the self Are you ruing yourself or others as well How deeply are you involved in others livesTWO CASES OF PREJUDICEChristie v York 1939 Roncarelli v Duplessis 1959 o Who is Christie Hard working guy From Montreal loved Montreal He took his earning and bought season ticket to the hockey game After hockey game he went to a bar He gave them 50 cents for 3 beers and was refused service York refused to sell Christie beer because Christie was black York stated that he does not serve beer to Blacks in any case At that time there was a law in Quebec that any licenced bar or eatery cannot refuse service of food to any traveller It turns out that Government said that York had the rights to refuse because beer is not considered a food and on top Christie was not a traveller he was settled in Montreal This shows that judges just follow laws regardless of whethe
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