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University of Guelph
Political Science
POLS 3180
Edward Koning

POLS 3180 October 30 2013 POLS 3180 October 30, 2013, Research Methods I Steps in a research project - Formulation of research question - Theorization and formulation of hypotheses - Conceptualization and operationalization - Choice of research design - Case selection - Data collection - Data analysis Methods of Data Collection - Field research - Qualitative interviews o Focus groups - Unobtrusive research o Historical analysis o Content analysis Field research: Verities of Field Research Difficulty is that term is used in varied ways - Some employ a broad definition of it o “We do field research whenever we observe or participate in social behavior and try to understand it” (FSR p. 299).  Research is physically present in social setting of study and employs variety of observational techniques  Common in political science  Need to spend some time in country of research to make research more credible o Can be extremely positivist, Interpretivist,  Philosophical orientation can be positivist or interpretivist  Goa of study can be explanation, exploration, or description - Narrow definition: ethnography: ethnos (nations, groups of people), graphine (writing)  Understanding a culture from the nativ
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