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POLS 3180 September 27 2013 Research Methods I.docx

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Political Science
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POLS 3180
Edward Koning

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POLS 3180 September 27 2013 POLS 3180 September 27 2013 Research Methods I Acquiring the necessary information to answer your research question Quantitative Surveys etc. Systematically investigating what the collected information says about the research question Data reduction Reflect on the implications of your findings Evaluate public policy Revise existing theories Suggest research agenda for inconclusive findings Disseminate your conclusions Present research at conferences, write articles, books Write op-eds, and/or give interviews Contact relevant agencies or departments STEPS IN RESEARCH PROJECT - Formulation of research question - Theorization and formulation of hypotheses - Conceptualization and operationalization - Choice of research design - Case selection - Data collection - Data analysis - Formulation of conclusion and dissemination of results Theories and hypotheses - Purpose of theories o Simplify reality o Understand and explain o Predict?  The future.  Social scientists tend to look at envy towards hard sciences because their theories tend to usually pen out  Recent election in BC was unpredictable o NDP was supposed to win by a landslide but didn’t** (check) - Properties of a good theory o Falsifiable o Logically sound/ plausible o General (large domain) o Parsimonious Anthony Downs: an economic theory of democracy Hypothesis - “a specified, testable expectation about empirical reality that follows from a mere general proposition” Derives from theory
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