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POLS 3180 - research questions

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Political Science
POLS 3180
Edward Koning

POLS 3180 – QUANTITATIVE – NOVEMBER 6 /2013 TH ____________________________________________________________________ How long should the interview be?  “There are several misconceptions about long interviews that sometimes creep into research methods class lectures” (QRM, p. 128)  dangers of long interviews: - Refusal to participate - Refusal to complete the interview decrease in quality of answers as interview process  Durations depends on: - nature of subject - type of respondent (ex: politicians aren’t going to sit down for a 4 hour interview; rather than a few questions taking 20-30 minutes) Which Questions should be asked? As always, start with research question to determine the information you aim to extract - this is my expectation, if this is true, what would have to happen  “I typicalls suggest that the researcher begin by listing out all of the conceptual areas that may be relevant to the overall topic under investigation” (QRM, p. 117).  Invites the familiar dangers of induction  fundamentally important to figure out how to formulate them and which order they are asked - how we order our questions and how we formulate them have large consequences for response patterns Question ordering:  Move from general to specific - avoiding certain considerations over others  Start with warm-up questions; Question Formulation:  Avoiding random measurement error - adjust language/jargon  “Since the Second World War, there has been a large effort to codify human rights legislation …”  “Since the proposal for a charter of Quebec values there has been much discussion about the headscarf. How do feel about the issue? Do you think there is something wrong with the headscarf and everyone should therefore be allowed to wear one if they want? Or do you see the headscarf a
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