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POLS 3250

Chapter 6 Policy Communities and Networks policy networks try to capture the degree to which any policy field or sector is populated by a host of government agencies both domestically and globallyGlobal public policy networks are becoming increasingly important policy network theory is a major approach to the study of public policy making in Canada policy community and policy network are often used interchangeably policy community refers to a wider set of actors who understand the ideas and terminology that define a policy area and have some level of interest is consistently higher and who actually interact with each otherCommunities and networks conceptual frameworksThe broad backdrop to the various origins of network analyses is a concern with understanding the relationship between state and society and the organization of interest in societyIf people shared interest they would likely form groups If issues arose that affected those interest in a policy sense then the groups would politicize and lobby government4 major sources of inspiration1Pluralismportrait of the associational system and patterns of policy making Might be operating according to different principles with different rhythms and often conflictin
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