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Lecture 4

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University of Guelph
Political Science
POLS 3300
Dennis Baker

September 13, 2013 – POLS3300 - general confidence is important for two reasons o legitimizes the criminal justice system o system’s operationalization itself  witness – willing to be a witness against the mob ward if the CJS won’t protect you?  System relies on the confidence of citizens! - Police have highest confidence in Canada o Almost half have high and moderate confidence! - Parole officials o Less than 10 percent have ‘high confidence’ in them! - RCMP has very high confidence, next to: local police, supreme court, prosecutors, courts - Nurses, doctors, teachers, police, non-profit volunteers, judges, prosecutors, etc. – confidence order that citizens have of occupations - Politicians are in the bottom of this list of trusted/confident-in these occupations - People have confidence police can prevent and solve crime - Court is good at determining guilt, but not imposing a sentence - Corrections are good at preventing escape but not so good at rehabilitzing offenders - These stats are all from citizens point of view Governing Criminal Justice - legitimacy: o confidence o rule of law (fundamental fairness is another way of phrasing) o independence  from politics? o Accountability  Through politics?  Made up of humans 0 humans will make mistakes – have to realize that – only way to deal with error is to found accountability –address error and that poor decisions have consequences for actors - Major theme: INDEPENDENCE vs. ACCOUNTABILITY Independence - a virtue for criminal justice – independent decision-makers can check each other o police. Then the crowns got to check. Then the Judge can check. Then goes to corrections. Then corrections decide on whether you can have an early release. Etc. etc. Policy Actors in Context - crime as a political issue… o policy context is defined by September 13, 2013 – POLS3300  statistics – general trends  how many offenders get rehabilitated  spectacular – crimes which capture attention (public/media)  gets everyone’s attention o tensions between statistics/spectacular but also between crime control/due process and over values in general
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