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Political Science
POLS 3300
Dennis Baker

Friday, September 6, 2013 – POLS3300 – D. Baker Introduction Midterm 1 – Oct 9 -20% Midterm 2 – November 6- 20% Assignment 1 (Criminal Code) – Sept 25 – 5% Assignment 2 (Policy Paper) – Oct 25 – 10% Assignment 3 (Sentencing) – Nov 22 – 10% Final exam – December 12 – 35% Midterms are not cumulative. Final exam is cumulative. Course using Courselink a lot. He posts lecture slides ahead of time but they are blank. You need to come to class to get the blanks, better explanations, etc. Deadlines are always midnight. All assignments to be individually completed. Textbook: Can use the 2012 but there are a few changes. About 50 bucks. You will use the Criminal Code. You need one. Lectures are extremely important to attend – readings won’t do on their own. When I write exams, I try to think the following way – anything important should be reflected in readings AND in lectures – some questions, on the other hand, are solely based on the lecture. Some are just reading base as a check to make sure you are doing the reading. Mix of all, vast majority are overlapped between text and lecture. About 80% will be class lectures period. Lecture Begins: Policy Advice for the Minister 12%/3% - Ministry of Justice/Attorney General (same person) gives you the paper that has these numbers on it in 1999. 3% - aboriginals population in Canada 12% - aboriginals in prison in Canada Is this a problem? Demographics. Poverty. Education. Year prior. Essentially the so
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