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Political Science
POLS 3300
Dennis Baker

September 9, 2013 – continuation from last class – POLS 3300 Policy Advice for the Minister “12%/3%” Section 718.2 (e) is to have judges think twice about giving imprisonment to Aboriginals I’m going to treat her as I would any other Canadian because she is an off reserve Aboriginal. She appealed. She feels 718.2 should have applied. Court says doesn’t matter on or off reserve, it’s the life of being an Aboriginal. Supreme court says this will move it in the right direction. 17%/4.3% --- 2005 It has only gotten worse – why has that not panned out? We’ll talk about it. Supreme Court kept same sentence – crime was serious one, lower range of what we would expect – not going to upset actual sentencing. 01. Introduction Criminal Justice System is… “ a highly complex system” where “federal, provincial, territorial and municipal agencies and organizations all play a part, but no agency or jurisdiction has control or ownership of the entire system.” - no one person or group having complete control makes it difficult to reform/change -- formal system includes Parliament, department of Justice, Ministry of Public Safety, RCMP and other police forces, Courts, Correctional Service Canada, National Parole Board and more -- PBO tried to calculate total “criminal justice expenditures”: 2011-2012: $20.3B (does not include private expenditures.. like security guards in malls!) - its half
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