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University of Guelph
Political Science
POLS 3440
Geoff Stevens

UNIT 02: PATRONAGE AND CONFLICT OF INTEREST OBJECTIVES: After completing this unit, you should be able to: • evaluate the difference between patronage and conflict of interest • analyze the role that patronage, while frequently corrosive to the democratic process, has played in the development of the country and its political system • assess critically the sheer power that patronage represents in the hands of a modern prime minister, such as Brian Mulroney (or Stephen Harper). LECTURE This will also be a good time for you to start familiarizing yourselves with six significant scandals that we will deal with in greater detail in coming weeks: 1.Britain: John Profumo/Christine Keeler scandal – sex, security and lying to Parliament (see the obituary of Profumo by Andrew Roth published in The Guardian on March 10, 2006. You will find it in Unit 07 of the e-Reader.) 2.United States: ◦ Richard Nixon and Watergate – criminal acts, lying, cover-up, abuse of power ◦ All The President's Men (The video below is 2 hours and 18 minutes long and make take a moment to load.)
 3.United States: Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky – sex, lying, political vigilantism, prosecutorial excess (see readings in Unit 07 of the e-Reader) 4.Canada: John A. Macdonald and the Pacific Scandal – patronage, conflict-of- interest, illicit campaign financing arising from the construction of the CPR (see Desmond Morton article in Unit 03 of the e-Reader) 5.Canada: The Munsinger Affair. Gerda Munsinger and Pierre Sevigny – sex, security, government cover
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