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Political Science
POLS 3440
Geoff Stevens

Corruption Week 3 Readings 1) Title: The Airbus Affair – A History By: Geoffrey Stevens The Beginning (1974 – 1994) Date What Happened 1974 Schreiber comes to Canada and heads to Alberta, then Ottawa Feb 1976 Schreiber becomes interested in Mulroney when he sees him at a Conservative leadership convention and contributes 25-30 grand to his campaign, stays interested even after he loses election to Joe Clark Feb 23, 1982 Mulroney sends a telex to Schreiber for becoming an Canadian citizen Jan 1983 Joe Clark resigns after failing to receive enough support at conservative national convention. Mulroney wins leadership race. Schreiber admits to have helped fund anti-Clark delegates to attend convention, as well as shopping money for the wives of the delegates. Jun 11 1983 Mulroney defeats Clark on final ballot at PC leadership convention. Elected to parliament in central Nova riding. Sept 17 1984 Mulroney sworn in as PM after conserve. Landslide victory on Sep 4 Feb 19 1985 Schreiber & Giorgio Pelossi (his accountant) company (IAL) signs a secret contract with a German aircraft manufacturer to sell helicopters to Canadian gov’t Mar 7 1985 IAL signs contract w Airbus Industrie (manufacturer of Airbus of Aircraft) and agree to give IAL 3% commission for every plane sold to Canada, but contract will be terminated if gov’t changes Mar 12 1985 Mulroney gov’t completely replaces Air Canada Board of Dir., one of the new members is a Mulroney Friend (Moores) May 3, 1985 Federal gov’t purchases helicopters for Coast Guard from MBB Sep 6, 1985 Moores resigns when there is reports of Conflict of Interest Nov 6, 1985 Schreiber sets up Bear Head industries in Ottawa to lobby on behalf of Thyssen Industries to build vehicle-facotry in Cape Breton June, 1986 MBB’s Canadian Subsidary MCL signs contract to supply 12 helicopters to Canadian Coast guard with “no bribe” clause (no commission) Nov 26, 87 Thyssem Industries writes to Pelossi about Bear Head project saying it promised Schrieber 4 million if the Canadian gov’t intended to purchase 300 armoured vehicles from it Dec 24, 1987 Pelossi writes to Thyssen saying IAL has fulfilled the condition for Schriebers contingency fee Dec 28, 1987 Thyssen writes to Pelossi saying IAL’s activities are only of value to Thyssen if it can get the letter of intent meanwhile they sent 1.9 mil to IAL’s bank accountant in Liechtenstein Mar 30, Air Canada’s BOD agrees to buy 34 Airbus’ for 1.8 billion 1988 July 20, 1988 Air Canada announces Airbus purchase. Boeing, FBI and RCMP conduct investigations Sept 27, 88 Federal gov’t signs with Thyssen Industries. Shortly after, Thyssen semds a 2 mil cheque to IAL Oct 5. 88 Airbus makes first payment to IAL for 5 mil US Oct 20, 1988 Schreiber’s Swiss account receives first infusion of Airbus commission (658, 735 Canadian) Nov 21, 1988 Brian Mulroney elected to second majority gov’t Sept 19, Mulroney writes to Schrieber on PMO letterhead about how he enjoyed 1989 meeting up with him 1991 Schrieber and Pelossi fall out because Pelossi had been skimming money from his commissions Aug 26, 1991 Schrieber passes a suitcase with 1 million Ger. To Kiep, a German Christian Democratic Union Treasurer ?, 1992-1993 According to Schreiber: Fred Doucet (Mulroney’s
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