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Political Science
POLS 3470
Tim Mau

- broad based enterprise: CANADIAN COUNCIL OF CHIEF EXECUTIVES (CCCE) • MISSION – “BUILD A STRONGER CANADA ECONOMICALLY & SOCIALLY • HEADED BY HON. JOHN MANLEY, PRESIDENT & CEO – HIGH PROFILE o 2010 • MEMBERSHIP – 150 OF COUNTRY’S TOP CEOs (166 IN 2011) o BASED ON INDIVIDUAL PERSON, NOT FIRM OR BUSINESS o 4.5 trillion $ worth of assets o annual revenue $850 million o employee 1.4 million Canadians o membership based on individual person, not business o banks, investors, manufacturing, power corp, branch plants of foreign international o associate members – key business associations – Canadian member of chamber of commerce o CCCE exclusive club • FOUNDED IN 1976 AS BUSINESS COUNCIL ON NATIONAL ISSUES (BCNI) o Reason: corporate world facing criticism from public, and growing level of state regulation of business activity from government o Oil shocks early 1970s o Public more vocal about foreign business takeovers o Other competing (strong) voices challenging business o Business not acting in collective manner o Strengthen voice, bringing everyone together o Enhance image of big business o Present as business being more socially responsible o Canada more prominent/high profile than the US • TO IMPROVE IMAGE OF BIG BUSINESS GIVEN CHALLENGES OF THE DAY • MODELED AFTER THE BUSINESS ROUNDTABLE IN THE US (1972) • FOCUS IS NATIONAL POLICY ISSUES o Not interested in individual business needs/interests o Broad o Major banks, companies in resource sector, GE, IBM, American based corporations CEOs o Defence policy, annual deficits, federal debt, encourage government to address issues, Quebec questions, national unity o Competitiveness agenda (global economy) o Corporations being criticized by various civil society groups o Questing practices, moral, ethical practice o To demonstrate they’re socially responsible • NAME CHANGE IN 2001 FOR BETTER GLOBAL PRESENCE o Recognition that national policy issues are important in international dimension • GOVERNANCE STRUCTURE o 7 member exectutive o 24 board of directors o meets 3x per year o full body (166) meets 3x per year – issues & progress, policy o responsible for policy creation: 1. realm of Canada itself – monetary and fiscal policies, taxation, trade, governance structures important in business ethics, innovation, competitiveness 2. North American interests – prominence of US, economic interdependence, integration, security (cross boarder), NA trade agreement 3. global issues – international finance and trade, investment and development policy, trading relationships beyond North America, cleaner energy, want to be leader in environmental and energy innovation • will set up special initiatives or task forces when needed • most important CEOs in country and their resources • complex national issues • government is compelled to listen to their interests CANADIAN EXPORTERS & MANUFACTURERS (CME) • OLDEST BROAD-BASED ASSOCIATION – DATES BACK TO ONTARIO MANUFACTURERS’ ASSOCIATION (1871) o Trade association • BECAME CANADIAN MANUFACTURERS’ ASSOCIATION IN 1877 o Merged with Quebec • EARLY ROLE – PROMOTION OF TARIFF PROTECTION o Integration, railway o Early manufacturing enterprises • CANADIAN EXPORTERS’ ASSOCIATION (1943) o Companies in business of exporting Canadian products elsewhere in the world • MERGER IN 1996 – CMA & CEA • ALLIANCE OF MANUFACTURERS & EXPORTERS CANADA (AMEC) – 1996- 2000 • RENAMED CME IN 2000 – LARGEST TRADE AND INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION IN CANADA • HEADED BY JAYSON MYERS, PRES. & CEO (FORMERLY HON. PERRIN BEATTY) o Oxford trained economist o Doctorate in economics o Former politician in Mulroney government in 1980’s o Good to have him because he has a lot of connection • MISSION – continually IMPROVE COMPETITIVENESS OF CANADIAN INDUSTRY & INCREASE EXPORTS o Competitive globally o Advocacy work o Improve business environment o Further access to markets in Canada and around the world o Provides intelligence o Members informed about strategies, trends o Provide business opportunities o Must add value to membership o Save member services – group discount - insurance providers or other services businesses might need o Identify business partnerships – if looking to expand business o Expert advice if you need it or looking to break into new marker o Best practice – strengthen leadership and improve management o Provide networking opportunities o Goal to improve business performance • MEMBERSHIP – 82% OF MANUFACTURING; 90% OF EXPORT BUSINESSES o Largest trade association in Canada o Over 100,000 companies o 85% of membership is small/medium size businesses CANADIAN EXPORTERS & MANUFACTURERS (CME) • FOUR KEY FUNCTIONS o ADVOCACY o INTELLIGENCE, information gathering o BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES o NETWORKING with other business with experience and government officials o BEST PRACTICE in other jurisdictions • ACTION GROUPS USED TO ADVANCE POSITIONS: o MANUFACTURING COMPETITIVENESS o US BUSINESS o INTERNATIONAL MARKETS o PEOPLE AND SKILLS o ENERGY AND THE ENVIRONMENT • RECENT PRIORITY ISSUES – o CUSFTA – Canada/US free trade agreement o GST TO REPLACE MANUFACTURERS SALES TAX – eliminate, “making business more competitive” – products more cheaper – now HST, more broader range of things to be taxed  We as Canadians didn’t see a drop in price – manufacturers kept price high even if they were making more because we were used to it o REDUCTION OF CORPORATE & PERSONAL INCOME TAXES o DEFICIT REDUCTION  Corporate income taxes reduction  Personal income tax rates  Wanted government to reduce their budgets  Reduction in EI insurance and workers compensation • NOTABLE FAILURES • ACCESS AND INFLUENCE o Voice heard when it negotiates with government CANADIAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE (CCC) • LARGEST OF THE BROAD-BASED ASSOCIATIONS • FOUNDED IN 1925 • “THE VOICE OF BUSINESS IN CANADA” • MISSION – “STRONG, COMPETITIVE ECONOMIC ENVIRONMENT THAT BENEFITS CANADA AND IMPROVES THE STANDARD OF LIVING FOR ALL CANADIANS” • Broad based business association • Not just for benefit of business but also societal benefits – jobs, economic growth • MEMBERSHIP – 192,000 • Presence in every federal riding and regional • Doesn’t restrict membership o MIXED CONFEDERAL ASSOCIATION  ORGANIZATION MEMBERS • Provincial/territorial and local  CORPORATE MEMBERS • Most of financial support • Direct representation • Large and small business  ASSOCIATE MEMBERS • Trade and professional • Narrow interests of members • Coordinate activities of group to achieve broad interest  INDIVIDUAL MEMBERS • Closely connected with Canadian business even if they don’t represent a business  INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATION MEMBERS • Business groups – ie. Canada/Taiwan associate • Communication between business and international governments • PRESENCE IN ALL FEDERAL RIDINGS – GRASSROOTS PRESSURE o Pressure in all federal ridings o Local chamber or commerce – community interests, municipal issues, development, recruit to city, tourism, property tax • MEMBER SERVICES & POLITICAL REPRESENTATION 1. provide members services – training, information 2. political representation – briefs, personal lobbying CANADIAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE (CCC) • EXTENSIVE AREAS OF INTEREST – 12 POLICY COMMITTEES o All industries, all sectors • RECENT PRIORITY ISSUES – o REDUCING DEFICIT & DEBT o CUTTING TAXES (personal and income, corporate) o CUTTING SOCIAL PROGRAMS – employment insurance (social safety net) o PROMOTING FREE TRADE o REDUCING GOVERNMENT REGULATION – irrelevant, unnecessary, prevents reckless decisions o PRIVATIZING CROWN CORPORATIONS • 2011 POLICY PRIORITIES • aboriginal affairs, healthcare, immigration, internal/external trade, policy work behind is
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