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POLS 3490
Ian Spears

POLS 3490 September 17 2013 POLS 3490 Conflict and Conflict Resolution September 17 2013 Ethnicity as a Source of Conflict The term genocide emerged in the Nazi effort to exterminate Jews during WWII A states effort to liquidate an entire people Also come to refer to attacks by one group of people on another in a purpose of their elimination as a people Genocide: Gen meaning people Might be seen as the most extreme form of ethnic conflict In these circumstances people are killing people because of who they are Because of their identity - Ethnic cleansing and genocide: ethnic cleansing the removal of one way or another of a people while genocide advises killing How could it be that the Rwanda minister of women’s affair can say those things and propel people to do those things? Part of her official duties was to defend women but was telling men to rape, burn, and kill Tutsi women during the genocide. In Rwanda 15% Tutsi, 84% Hutu, 1% Twa Up until independence the Belgium worked through the Tutsi minority An idea that Tutsi and Hutu are two different races and Tutsi are thought to be from Ethiopia. Tutsi launched a rebellion (RPF) continue to rule Rwanda Rwanda is practically a police state. RPF stopped the genocide and have maintained control. Essay question: in Rwanda you cannot attempt to define whether one is Tutsi or Hutu today. Is it good or is this bad? What is Ethnicity? Ethnicity can be a collection of one or more attributes including: - Language - Culture - Assumed common ancestry - Shared history (especially of prosecution) - Shared regional affiliation - Common physical attribute (in Rwanda the Tutsi are supposed to look more European, with features that look more European than African) Sometimes people say that an ethnic group is an ethnic group if they believe they are Ethnicity can be of course in this context may seem bad but it can also be good Gives a sense of community= good part Sometimes its fluid sometimes its soft sometimes it’s changing and sometimes it is hard and mutually exclusive In Rwanda: Tutsi father + Hutu mother= Tutsi child Hutu father + Tutsi mother= Hutu child 1 POLS 3490 September 17 2013 John Muller piece: no other identity has the capacity to mobilize people than the way that ethnic identity does with the possible exception of race and religion (closely linked to ethnicity). “Ethnicity, as a collective phenomenon and form of identity, has in the contemporary world a singular capacity for social mobilization… [E] thnicity has psychological properties and discursive resources, which have the potential to decant into violence. No other form of social identity… has a comparable power…” Ethnicity is somehow different from other identities ^ Conflict Among Class Lines? - Conflict might emerge in terms of social class— as Marxists would have it — but often the boundaries between classes are not so clearly demarcated o For young it is no match for ethnicity, and even g
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