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University of Guelph
Political Science
POLS 3490
Ian Spears

OCTOBER 10 2013 POLS 3490 POLS 3490 Conflict & Conflict Resolution October 10 2013 “Obstacles and Openings for Conflict Management” Civil wars most frequent kinds of wars Difficult to resolve Barbara Walters= realist - Compared with interstate wars (international wars), civil wars are only rarely concluded through a negotiated settlement - Much more common that they end because one side prevails over the other - Evidence: quantitative data (percentages) - Significant difference between civil wars and interstate wars o Civil wars more difficult to resolve peacefully Why are Civil Wars so Difficult to Resolve? Barbara Walters said why: 1) Because the prize is “indivisible”? a. How are natural resources be divided etc. b. No Solomon-ic solution to who rules (NOT REASON) 2) Because it involves deeply engrained and unchanging things like identity? a. If you see identity as a social construction it can be amended b. If it cannot be changed, than they are always going to be at each others throats (NOT REASON) 3) She dismisses both of these reasons and she said “Negotiations fail because civil wars opponents are asked to do what
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