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Political Science
POLS 3490
Ian Spears

POLS 3490 November 26, 2013 POLS 3490 November 26 2013 Conflict and Conflict Resolution War and Development… Is Africa weak because it has had so little (inter-state) war? - Some say that is why Africa is so weak o Somalia- basket case o War is constructive o Forces development  Get your act together or you don’t survive  Europe: hundreds of political entities that did not survive those that did grew bigger and strong and governments more advanced= development Jeremy Weinstein on War… - Strong states are “products of the war- making process. … [I]nstitutions of government in Europe are largely ‘organizational residue’ of processes undertaken to fight battles” o The American civil war because people often women objected to slavery - Sometimes happier outcomes are the consequence of enlightened autocrats o They are the ones who are often understanding of the currency of power, of war.  He gives example of the success of Uganda president Museveni  Had a pretty awful history  If you are enlightened you are also inclusive (page 18)  Give opposition good position for your interest  Indigenous conflict resolution should not be overlooked o By forever intervening this is what will happen  “It may be that in some cases, the international community’s actions to stop the bloodshed come at the cost of stunting an internal process of political change—one that can generate institutions capable of preserving peace and protecting freedoms in the longer-term.” THE EXAM= MACN 105 - PART A: 40-50 multiple choice o A number of quotations and selections of authors o Not all from power po
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