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Political Science
POLS 3670
Jordi Diez

Pols 3670 Why do we study policy? • To improve policy • Problems, where it’s going wrong • To solve a problem • Figure out what politicians are interested in and what to put their resources towards • Has a direct impact on our lives • Get a job • Useful in cross-national differences • To learn about broader political processes • It has important symbolic dimensions • Comparing policy’s helps you to better your policies ex Portugal a more relaxed drug system lower drug use. What is policy? • Any action or inaction the government takes on an issue • Laws, bills anything that is addressed in the legislature • Public policy refers to what governments do or do not do • Policy is essentially the decisions that governments make • “The action of inaction of a government to solve a problem or an interrelated set of problems”.- Leslie Pal • Non-state actors people working outside the state have an impact on policy but do not make policy- lobby groups, think tanks, groups such as nativ
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