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Lecture 3

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University of Guelph
Political Science
POLS 3670
Jordi Diez

Pols 3670 Advantages and disadvantages of the policy cycle • In countries of the global south there is implementation problems. Who are the implementers? Who are the policy formulators which are the actors that place issues on the agenda? • Politicians don’t always approach policy in a systematic way its messy • There are competing demands • It suggest politicians are truly caring and approach policy in a systematic way and suggests it follows a linear process • It is not always applicable to all government institutions • Courts do not apply for agenda setting they don’t make certain issues a problem it is whatever is up next on the docket. • There isn’t always explanations for what the cost of something is from one state to another. • Social pressure is what really make issues come up on the agenda, there is a lot of institutions who affect what the government hears on the agenda. • The policy cycle doesn’t apply neatly to every area of a policy • You may need to adapt the policy cycle based on what area you are looking at • There certain areas that don’t attract a lot of attention unless there is a crises such as the derailing of trains Approaches to the study of public policy Positivism: Objective, science Public choice: it is influenced by behaviourism is when people started to think politics was scientific. Most positivist approach in public policy. Identified with the right-
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