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University of Guelph
Political Science
POLS 3710
Jordi Diez

POLS 3710 September 12, 2013 Article  Point there is a problem with e.g an adult raping a five year old but the problem is the regulation of condition is labelled pedo. All definitions are socially constructed of consent. Especially in the states where black men get charged more for satatory rape more than white men  Kinzie Report  Caused a lot of drama in America Formality and informality in politics  Our thoughts of sexuality are engrained into us  Politics as the study of power o It is about who gets what, when and how (look up who said it) o Allows us to have access to resources o How the distribution of power relates to sexuality o 1960-70s start to look at informal institutions  Ideas or norms  The family or a gay bar o Liberal democracy is about the individuals going back to the magacarta o Over time it was decided men should have more power than women  Over time it required some institutionalization  In political science there is a growing recognition that power can be distributed though informal mechanisms, such ideas, practices and informal intuitions  Informal intuitions “socially shared rules usually unwritten, that are created communicated and enforced outside officially sanctioned channels” o Gretchen Helnke and Steven Levitski 2006 o People respect these not written rules, they have developed overtime and have been enforced such as the man sitting at the head of the table o The concept of heteronormativity  A informal intuitional  New concept and is elaborated by feminist  People are expected to monogamous and if you aren’t you are weak  Can be seen as privileged because you see a man and women u think they are together, man and man get weird looks  Changes across cultures  Assume couples are to be reproductive and women stays home and men goes to work and there is a lot of pressure on women in western society to reproduce because the clock is ticking o If they don’t have children it is assumed they could not do it and something is wrong  Having a family is seen as something prestine “being a family man” that you have accomplished something in life  Helped build formal institutions  Nuclear family has shown how the state interacts with society o In last 50-60 years the expansion of social benefits was extended through the nuclear family, healthcare and education and in this case the western bread winner  Set of institutionalized norms and practise that supports and compels private heterosexuality, marriage, family, monogamous dyadic commitment and traditional gender roles (green 2002)  Has conditioned Gender, sex and sexual desire All three are linked: Gender  Gender bio assigns gender roles  Expectations of our roles. Because of what you have you should act a certain way.  Attributes that societies assign individuals given their sex  Binary natures  At the core of how many societies understand the world o Relationship are about self and another and they are opposite from one another and women are see to be the other  E.g female sexuality: Femal
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