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Political Science
POLS 3710
Jordi Diez

Film - Kinsey - religion very influential over modern inventions – sins – zipper, phone, tv - masturbation regarded as forbidden, stigmatized - child defying parental authority - gender expectations females are to be with males, humans are to be together all the time, not alone - premarital sex almost unheard of - got married, both nervous about sex - tried, was too painful for female had to stop - father disowned son because he left the church - very judgmental over son and sons’ wives’ lives - her hymen was too small for his larger penis - went to an expert and ‘fixed’ it - succeeded in having 3 children - ‘studies’ taught the incorrect thing to youngsters saying it was true - hand/mouth stimulation would give you children - anit-sex course common - Kinsey rallying for open sex course - syphilis seen as able to catch from having fun, human contact - Kinsey created a marriage course - people shocked at the picture of a penis/clitoris - did a questionnaire of people sexual history - talked one-to-one with people and learned more t
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