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Lecture 12

POLS 4050 Lecture 12: Week 12 4050 Critical Comments.2

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University of Guelph
Political Science
POLS 4050
Jordi Diez

Megan Morrow Week 12 (Mar 30) Judicial Politics in Europe Professor Jordi Diez March 30, 2017 Vanberg, G. 2000. “Establishing Judicial Independence in West Germany” Comparative Politics 333-53. - Overall, I thought this article was very well researched. I think Vanberg definitely proved the U.S example is very generalizable, in that Madison’s arguments hold weight because they really can be applied globally. I think Vanberg did a good job proving how his arguments apply in Germany but had this article been written later it would have benefited by comparing a country such as Hungary because the power of the mass public and media is obviously why Orban is so concerned with censoring it. I think the questions raised in Vanberg’s conclusion would be very interesting applied in Hungary. - Stone Sweet, A. 2007. “The Politics of Constitutional Review in France and Europe” International Journal of Constitutional Law 5(1): 69-92. - I did not really like this article because I think the research question is impossible to answer. First of all, if we’re saying there are no defini
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