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POLS*4100 Women, Justice and Public Policy Lecture Note

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University of Guelph
Political Science
POLS 4100
Judith Mc Kenzie

Wed Feb 112BAD GIRLSViolent Girls in the Media Women as Victims Sexualisation of Women and Policy Responses How the media depicts girl violence o Are they actually becoming more violent Scholars Challenges our preconceived notions about femininity and masculinity Crime stats IS in an increase Rate of victimization wasnt increase more of a response by the CJS than an actual increase o Professionals contribute to thisprovide statements from their work that girl violence is increasing o Canada Reena Virk Kelly Ellard Media latched on to it suggested it wasnt an isolated incidento Media promotes a moral panic Could be a backlash against feminism Girl Power renewed sense of liberation being tied to the rise in violence Girl PowerBad Girls has been commercializedo Male in Virk case Characterized as a secondary actor gien little attention Doesnt strike society as shockingo Karla Viewed just as demonic as her husband arguably more Women as Victims in the Media o News effects our gender and racial stereotypes in a subtle manner Faceism effect White people were depicted with more closeups
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