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Women, Justice, Public Policy Lecture Note

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University of Guelph
Political Science
POLS 4100
Judith Mc Kenzie

thWed March 7 2012Violence Against Aboriginal WomenLegacy of colonialism racist policiesStolen sisters Problems with underpolicing General pervasive racism and sexism physical and technological isolation police response to domestic violence delay or refusal to report Missing women posters are everywhere in Vancouver you wouldnt see that in OntarioPickton Policy responsesCommunity policing attracting more aboriginal youth for policingCourt systemdifficulty in punishing those responsibly addressing the root causesIn prisonoverrepresentation involuntary segregation Section 81 of CCRA healing lodges stay in penetentiaries longer Despite yers of task forces internal reviews national strategies partnership agreements action lpansthere has been no significant improvement in the overall situation during the last 20 years cant stop it until violence against aboriginal women is stoppedWhere do we go from here Deadlock in policy Need proactive and reactive approaches 4 main policy areas Reduction ofviolence against Aboriginal women reduction of poverty reduction of homelessness improved access to justice1996 NWAC position on policing and Aboriginal womenlack of protection cultural differences and lack of sensitivity need for more aboriginals in policing need more protection against double harassment Progress has been made for women but theres still more barriers f
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