POLS 1400 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Laurin Liu, Elizabeth Witmer

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How compelling are the article and video in relation to the topic of multiculturalism?
The article really highlights what multiculturalism really means. Multiculturalism in Canada to
me means a society who can live together and still be Canadian but have their own sense of
identity and culture along with being Canadian. "...all citizens can keep their identities, can
take pride in their ancestry, and have a sense of belonging. Acceptance gives Canadians a
feeling of security and self-confidence, making them more open to, and accepting of, diverse
cultures...with no pressure to assimilate and give up their culture, immigrants freely choose
their new citizenship because they want to be Canadians." The article states that assimilation
is one of Canada’s best qualities. We have the ability to understand other cultures and accept
Using the article and video as a reference, do you feel that Canada is truly a multicultural
society? Why or Why not?
1. What are some of the important arguments depicted in both the
article and the video?
Some of the important arguments depicted in the article were the fact
that women are still very much underrepresented in Canadian parliament
even with the high increase in females elected. Women are still fighting to
have equal representation, the article highlights that Laurin Liu still feels
the need to step up and work harder than her male colleagues. The
article makes a good point about having women struggles despite the
increase in women elected. Some examples stated were no female
washrooms near the house of commons, and having the problem of
muggings which in turn required the addition of street lights. It is a good
thing that the number of women MPs were increasing however, there are
still major struggles for women in politics. The article depicts one very
important issue in regards to female representation; although women
have come up a lot in the past few years they still have a long way to go,
and chances are those changes won’t be made anytime soon. The
textbook indicates a theory called transformative feminism theory. I
believe this theory is relevant to the issue at hand. This theory states that
integration of women into society can transform the system. So if more
female MPs were elected the change in our political system could be
better and more evenly distributed. I think with more affirmative action
things could progress faster for women. Having action programs that
favour women in order to make up for their discrimination in the past
could put them ahead and we could see some positive changes being
made in the political system. The video highlights another part of being a
woman in politics that I have not thought much about before. Elizabeth
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