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Lecture 9

POLS 1400 Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: War Measures Act, Rob Ford, Jean Lesage

Political Science
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POLS 1400
Nanita Mohan

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Rob Ford
There is no party affiliation attached to Rob Ford’s personal choices
Why is language an issue with French Canada?
Language Politics back to 1867 Constitution, very little was done
back than, currency and stamps were both French and English
1960’s full blown pledge to bilingualism, Quebec was conservative
and Catholic before the 1960’s
The Quiet Revolution: to modernize Quebec, weaken the Catholic rule
on Quebec and build it on its own
Jean Lesage wanted to focus on Quebec’s French language, at this
time French Nationalism rose up
Quiet Revolution was coined by a journalism because the revolution
was a constant change but was very non-violent. It was the first
hint that Quebec wanted language rights to change
1963 PM Pearson was going to evaluate the situation of the use of
French Language in Canada, no one knew how many people spoke French
outside of Quebec, formed the Royal Commission of Bilingualism and
This was successful but the results were shocking, researchers were
sent across Canada to evaluate the role of French Language in the
community, workplace, schools.
The percentage was very low like 10%, after this French became
stronger in Quebec and weaker in the rest of Canada
Pearson made a report about these results and got over 100
recommendations on how to make French stronger
Today this situation has not changed, PROBLEM: two official languages
but only one is really used
When Trudeau became PM (he wanted Quebec to be part of Canada
and he was obviously Bilingual) he took these recommendations and made
the Official Languages Act-Bill 120: this made French and English the two
official languages in Canada.
Even after all this Quebec still was not happy, so Trudeau introduced
Sections 16-23 in the Charter that French is an official language. He also
made New Brunswick is the only the province that is official bilingual.
Provisions of Bill 101
Only applicable in the Province of Quebec, created because Quebec was
no happy.
Restricts access for Anglophones to English speaking schools in Quebec, if
you were English speaking in Quebec it was very hard to get your
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