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Lecture 3

POLS 2150 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Public Philosophy, John Stuart Mill, Civil Society

Political Science
Course Code
POLS 2150
Carol Dauda

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Gender and Power in Modernity
Liberalism, Gender and Power
• Evolution of modernity and the modern nation state
-at this time there is the development of the capitalist society
and an industrial economy
-marx believes that the materialism in society is what caused change
• Change in human consciousness, economic and political life
– Positivist idea of knowledge gained from positive, observable and knowable facts
• Positivism: system of knowledge based on positive observable and knowable facts and
phenomena and excluding speculation on ultimate causes or origins
-remains a big way develop knowledge
Modernity in Europe
• Characterized by:
– Individualism
--prostestant reformation and that you can take to god,
you are an individual
– Belief in agency, industriousness
-belief in humans
– Belief in change
--all for the good and a sign of progress
• Different foundation for political life
– Conventional
--all political arrangements are conventional
and arise through human reason and rational thought
however they can change
•Comes from rational ideas, from human reason
• So can be changed
•Based on individualism, equality before the law, freedom, industriousness, contract
and consent
--Consent is very important and conventional
this all turned away from paternalism or the rule of the king
or papacy
-modernity is rooted in the concept of liberalism
• John Locke on liberalism
– Inherent rights in property
A government that could guarantee our property would be acceptable, legitimate
– Based on consent and popular sovereignty
– Involved the propertied class of males
–starts of with a state of nature but says that humans are
able to organize their lives economically socially, whats missing
is an overarching authority that will uphold their agreements
which will include life liberty and possessions
– Freedom located in the absence, silence of the law
--our freedom lies in freedom from interference
-there needs to be restraints on government to ensure our liberty
-they need to uphold contracts
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