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Lecture 5

POLS 2150 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Bourgeoisie, Class Conflict, Nazi Propaganda

Political Science
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POLS 2150
Carol Dauda

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Gender and Power in Modernity: Marxism
Marxist Theory, Gender and Power
• “The overthrow of mother right was the world historic defeat of the female sex.”
Frederich Engels
Engels the family, private property, and the state
Mother Right
• Group marriage the business of clans and lineages
-women used to be in a very different position under capitalists
-the marriage itself is secondary, its about the lineage and clan and what children are
• Lineage through mothers line, held in high esteem
• Women not dependent but are held in high esteem
-nobody knows who the natural father is
•it only matters who the mother is therefore the position of women are NOT dependent on
---at some point the male lineage was instituted and women become instruments for
Mother Right Overthrown
• Once male lineage instituted mother right overthrown
• Woman becomes instrument for breeding
-women lose their right and their independence
Intermediate Patriarchal Family
Intermediate marriage
• Patriarchal
• Paternal head of household
• Private property brings inheritance
• Marriage of convenience*****
-it is for the purpose of inheritance and citizenship in Ancient Greece*** (Bourgeois
-not a choice and very much expected **
• Marriage compulsory
• Power over life and death (of slaves, wives, and children) Absolute Paternal Power
Transition to Monogamy
•(Classical Greece) has taken place bc the man must know his child for his inheritance
-Monogamy for women only
-men may take multiple women, though women must remain monogamous
• Competition for women (abduction of women, purchase of women)
• Household loses public character, wife domestic servant
-women are still very important for reproduction in Intermediate Marriage
-now the wife is the “first domestic servant”
-women are the first class oppression
• In the embryo of the family there is always slavery and serfdom
• Monogamy was not the reconciliation of men and women but the subjugation of one by the
• In Greek times only outstanding independent women are hetaera (temple prostitutes)
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