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POLS 2250 Lecture Notes - Petro-Canada, Marketization, Neoliberalism

Political Science
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POLS 2250
Tim Mau

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POLS 2250 Public Admin & Government3/23/2013 8:44:00 PM
Crown Corporations February 11, 2013
Also known as „public enterprise‟ or „state enterprise‟
Formal definitions
o Legal entity with corporate form
o Canada Business Corporations Act (Ontario Business Corporations
Act) or special act of parliament/legislature
o Dimension of ownership
Wholly owned (parent corporation agency or proprietary
Subsidiaries or sub-subsidiaries
Definitional ambiguity
o Government appointment of the board of directors
Functional Definitions

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o Corporations that provide goods or services to the public on a
commercial or quasi-commercial basis
o Some provide expert advice Standards Council of Canada
o Perform regulatory functions Atomic Energy of Canada LTD.
o Stabilize commodity prices Canadian Diary Commission
o Lambert Commission (1979) 6 elements
Constituent Act/ Letters of Incorporation
Tasks Akin to private sector entrepreneurial ventures
Wholly owned
Board of Directors
Separate employer
Minister my give direction
Forms of Public Enterprise
Mixed enterprise
o Shares are partly owned by government through minister
o Remaining shares owned by private sector entity(ies)
o Benefit access to private capital and skills
o Concern accountability
ie: Petro Canada prior to privatization in 2004
Joint Enterprise
o Shares partly owned by government through minister
o Remaining shares owned by another level of government
ie: Lower Churchill Development Corp; Northern Portage
Development Corp.
Forms of Public Enterprise
Shared governance corporations
o No share capital for government
o But government, directly or through crown corp, has the right to
appoint or nominate one or more members to governing board
ie: Agricultural Adaptation Council; Canada Games Council;
Canadian Sports Centre
International Organizations
o Corporate entities created pursuant to international agreements
o Can either appoint board members or own shares
ie: IMF, World Bank, World Anti-Doping Agency; North
American Commission for Environment Cooperation
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