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POLS 2250 Lecture Notes - Cockroach, Donald Brittain

Political Science
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POLS 2250
Tim Mau

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POLS 2250 Public Admin & Government3/23/2013 8:45:00 PM
Public Accounts Committee March 22, 2013
Important standing committee of parliament
o Government goes to parliament and asks for a sum of money; at
the end of the year once all the numbers are presented the public
accounts committee reviews how the money has been spent and
Chaired by member of opposition
Reviews report of auditor general on a clause-by-clause basis
Reviews proposed and actual expenditures of government
Limited success
“Great check against doing foolish things”
o Can call government officials to come before the committee to
justify and explain the need specific programs
o Although officials are appointed by PM they have a career span of
“life” in order to avoid clashing between political parties
Human Resource Management
“He is that most despised of human creatures. His activities have bought
down upon his shoulder‟s the scorn and outrage of history‟ multitude. He
is Homo Bureaucratus; the bureaucrat. He is the paper-pusher of the
world.. he has been compared to the cockroach. Like the cockroach, he
appears to have no useful function. Like the cockroach, he has many
enemies. Like the cockroach, he has survive all attempts at extinction
o Donald Brittain, national film board documentary (1979)
Public sector employment is enormous
o 2009 3.5 million people
Federal, provincial & municipal services, health and social
services, education; Crown Corporations
Federal government 415,000 in 2009, including reservists
and military personnel
HRM challenge recruit the est and the brightest in the face of significant
o Aging workforce
Period of hiring freezes in the 1990‟s, baby boomers retiring
o Private sector competition
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