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The Canadian Constitution
What is Constitution?
- It’s the supreme law
- Rights and Freedom relationship between the citizens and the states
- Creates institutions and sets up relationships between them
Symbolic dimensions of the constitution
- Something that is important and inherent to the country
- Basic level of the country
- It is like a mirror that reflects the national soul
- 1763: That is the statement by the sovereign of England to the people of Quebec in
regards to Aboriginals
- 1774: Allowing Quebec special privileges
- 1837-1848: Responsible Government You have to be given confidence on a regular
basis and the sovereign is responsible for all formal actions of the state (governor general
has to reflect the political authority).
- British North American Act, 1867
o Statue of British Parliament
- Quebec did not agree with the Constitution Act, 1982
- Quebec must agree to every constitution amendment
- Why does rest of Canada have to negotiate in good faith with Quebec?
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