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Lecture 28

POLS 3470 Lecture Notes - Lecture 28: Internal Audit, Financial Audit, Boondoggle

Political Science
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POLS 3470
Tim Mau

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Lecture 28
Nov: 28th Relationship between Business and the News Media
Critical role of media in providing information
Serves to shape attitudes and opinions
Objective and unbiased?
o Mirror theory
Business and the News media
Distorted Mirror theory
o Corporate owners model
o Audience model
o Organizational model
o Political Model
Media’s role in society
o Media as gatekeeper
Forms of bias
Ownership monopoly and oligopoly, no open
o Media as Propagandist
Manufactured consent
Power of the News Media
If not objective, accurate and fair
5 major sources of Power
o Provision of basic political information
o Political linkage
o Agenda setting
o Editorial content
o Influence on political actors
Shape values and mirror public opinion
o Influence agenda for discussion
o Pressure for action of non-action
o Press for accountability
Example of “Billion Dollar Boondoggle”
Billion Dollar Boondoggle
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