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University of Guelph
Population Medicine
POPM 3240

Lecture 29: Development of REFLECT Methodological soundness in animal studies Concepts: - Failure to follow details and include randomization/blinding in a study leads to an exaggeration of results. - There is a potential for bias in treatment effects if method quality is questionable and reporting is incomplete. - Both human and veterinary medicine lack methodological soundness. - CONSORT (CONsolidated Standards Of Reporting Trials) is a set of agreed upon standards for REPORTING in clinical trial results. It is a 22 item checklist of things that need to be reported or done before publishing in a journal. - CONSORT cannot be used in veterinary medicine because  participants could be in two categories: owner or animal  Challenge trials very unique  Commercial RCT v.s. small group RCT (as opposed to individuals) - REFLECT (Reporting guidElines For randomized Control Trials in Livestock and Food Safety) - Many have followed (CARES companion animals, STARD vet diagnostics, STROBE) 1. What are the two highest evidence based study designs under real world conditions? a. __cohort_______________________________________ b. __case-control___________________________________ 2. Which of the following considerations enhancing internal validity are actually increasing external validity? (i.e. which one is incorrect for internal) a. Random allocation of subjects to treatment group b. Blin
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