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Lecture 2

POPM 4230 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Kfc, Thermoregulation, Avian Infectious BronchitisPremium

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Population Medicine
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POPM 4230
Terri O' Sullivan

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CANADIAN CHICKEN INDUSTRY ~ quite a bit larger
- 2,669 broiler chicken farmers in 10 provinces
- annual production of 1.100 billion kg eviscerated weight
- industry is worth - $2.4 billion in farm cash receipts AND creates about 78,200 jobs
FCR Farm Cash Receipts = cash income received from sale of agricultural commodities as well as direct
program payments made to support agricultural sector
BROILER FLOCKS Preparing the Barn for the Chicks (1)
Canada mandates that you must …
- remove manure and used litter after every flock of birds
- dry clean (blow down dust)
- wet clean using water and detergent to remove organic material and decrease pathogen load
~ doesn’t eliminate ALL pathogens
- disinfect barn surfaces and equipment to kill remaining pathogens (~ disinfect once a year)
- disinfect water lines (~ should be done btw flocks)
BROILER FLOCKS Preparing the Barn for the Chicks (2)
- add clean bedding: wood (~pine) shavings or straw (~help accumulate all the moisture made by birds)
- lowe the feed and water lines
- pre-heat the barn to 32-33 C ~ critical, 1st week of life they cant thermoregulate
- place chick paper, and supplemental feeders and waterers
- turn on heat lamps
BROILER FLOCKS Arrival of the Chicks (1) Day old chicks arrive at the commercial farm from the
hatchery in temperature-controlled trucks
To ensure chicks find feed and water:
- place chicks on the floor in strategic locations
- provide 23 hours of light for the first 1-3 days (~ ensures chicks can familiarize w. their environment)
Broiler Flocks GROWTH
~ remainder of the period, between rooting and the time being shipped to slaughter
~ spend 21 days in egg, then 5-wks in barn then that’s the end
~ their growth w. in the bar for broilers is incredible due to genetics of fast growth and nutrition
~ today they are reaching target weights w. in 31 days
~ if chicks don’t find water palatable won’t drink, which means they won’t eat, significant affects on them
~cull unhealthy, if high mortality call a vet
~ litter ties to ventilation, too dry =affects resp etc, if too moist can get footpad dermatitis and lameness
~ light, make sure they find everything they need in first couple of days, decrease competition for
Broiler Production Chain Major Markets
- Broilers are marketed at ~28-50 days of age (~avg 35-36 days of age)
- Cornish game hen - < 1.6 kg
- Fryer often pullets, 1.6-. kg KFC market
- Broiler 1.77-.kg Swiss Chalet market ~ want uniform product to sell to consumers
- Roaster - >3 kg
- number of laying hens = ~20 million
Requirements for optimal growth and quality
Air (ventilation)
Water supply
Temperature and
Stocking density
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