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Lecture 8

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PSYC 1000
Lisa Giguere

October 2 , 2012. Lecture 8 - Pre-natal: influence of the placenta serves as a gateway to the outside world - What we do in environment affects brain activity patterns - Parenting has an influence on religious beliefs values
attitudes politics habits
manners Major influence of parents on child’s personality is genetic Major influence of parents on norms, values, attitudes are environmental Social Learning Theory: - Learning by observation, imitation and modeling the behavior of others - Can occur without immediate change in behavior Peers and Friends: - Great influence environmental, typically works through 2 channels 1) Fundamental need to belong 2) Need for reference points (what is normal) Norms: - Learned early transmitted by parents & peers o Define what should typically do/ think - Functions o Guide behavior, esp. in uncertain situations o Allow us to negotiate social environment (can anticipate how others will act/ react) - Norms often go unnoticed - Most live in monocultural environments - Easy to see norms when they clash Culture an
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