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Lecture 11

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University of Guelph
PSYC 1000
Lisa Giguere

October 11, 2012 Sensation and Perception Sensation: The brain receives input from the sensory organs Perception: The brain makes sense out of the input from sensory organs How do we make sense of the world? What you are seeing- Bottom-up processing: taking sensory info, assembling & integrating it Top-down processing: use models, ideas, expectations to interpret sensory info From Sensory organs to the brain - reception: stimulation of sensory receptior cells by energy - transduction: transforming cell stimulation into neural impulses - transmission: delivering this neural info to brain to be processed Absolute threshold: minimum level of stimulus intensity needed to detect a stimulus intensity needed to detect a stimulus half the time Subliminal: below our threshold for being able to consciously detect a stimulus, but still registered by the sensory organ When absolute thresholds are not absolute Signal detection theory: whether or not we detect a stimulus, particularly w background noise Detection depends on psychological factors such as alertness, expectations, motivation “Just Noticeable Difference” - difference threshold refers to mini
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